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Best 21700 Flashlight for 2023


Just like 18650 flashlights, the 21700 flashlights are highly recommended for anyone who requires exceptionally high brightness in a compact design.

They have ease of portability and are easy to carry. However, which one should you choose since there are several 2700 flashlights out there, but value for money flashlights are scarce.

In doing some research, we have compiled a list of the 21700 flashlights so that you are not wasting time doing research.

List of 5 Best 21700 Flashlights

  1. Best olightOLIGHT Odin 2000 Lumens
  2. Best budgetOlight M2R Pro Warrior 1800 Lumens
  3. Best smallSKYBEN Olight Warrior X Pro 2100 Lumen
  4. Best brightestOLIGHT Seeker 2 Pro 3200 Lumens
  5. Best headlampNITECORE HC35 2700 Lumen

1. Best olight: OLIGHT Odin 2000 Lumens Rechargeable Flashlight

A newly created flashlight with an exquisite appearance, Odin is a new tactical flashlight from OLIGHT.

The PICATINNY Light textured light is designed for PICATINNY mounts and includes the features of Warrior X, such as the vibration battery indicator, metal switch, and magnetic charging.

Fast and reliable dual mounting systems feature a fast and reliable slide rail mount with a mechanical lock.

A unique feature on its remote switch allows it to lock in a tight fit by one push of the ring.

This amazing light is powered by a single customized 5000mAh 21700 lithium battery. It also features a PMMA lens and delivers MAX 2,000 lumens and 300 meters.

This ultra-solid, lightweight lighting tool with ultimate performance and high lumens, long beam distance and runtime, IPX8 waterproof, and high-lumens for anyone needing quality lighting in any harsh situation.

Specs and Features

2. Best budget: Olight M2R Pro Warrior 1800 Lumens Tactical Flashlight

Olight recently released the new M2R Pro Warrior, a two-button straight tactical flashlight.

Using a single 5000 mAh 21700 battery, and TIR lens to ensure uniform light.

Both the output and distance have been upgraded separately by 20% and 44%, respectively, to achieve 1800 lumens and 300 meters.

Improved surface texture with stronger connective magnetism in the second-gen multifunctional tail.

An advanced magnetic USB charging cable can deliver 2A, which can increase charging speed by 100%.

The M2R Pro’s lanyard hole, attached two-way stainless steel pocket clip, flashlight bag, and portable case make it the next evolution of the tactical flashlight.

Specs and Features

3. Best small: SKYBEN Olight Warrior X Pro 2100 Lumen Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

This is the ultimate version of the revolutionary Warrior X, with an IPX8-rated aluminum alloy frame for a more comfortable grip and unbeatable performance.

It’s perfect for hunting, search, and rescue, or duty use with unbeatable performance and indestructible build.

The Warrior X Pro uses an updated high discharge battery of 5000mAh for the brightness of 2100 lumens with a throw of up to 500 meters and has a charging rate of 2A, which is 100% faster than the old 5000mAh version.

This year brings the Warrior X Pro’s unique upgraded features, including a raised tail switch for a uniquely intuitive operation experience.

The Warrior X Pro’s classic features remain intact, including the vibration battery indicator, silicone tactical ring, and optional magnetic remote switch.

Specs and Features

4. Best brightest: OLIGHT Seeker 2 Pro 3200 Lumens Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

A powerful, side-switch LED flashlight with strong batteries.

It uses high-quality LEDs paired with a TIR optic, which produces consistent illumination for medium and close distances.

Powered by a single 5000mAh custom lithium rechargeable battery.

Its large side switch located near its head makes it easy to operate with the thumb and its indicators on both sides display the power and brightness level.

The light’s ergonomic design and dermatoglyphic silicone provide an exceptionally comfortable grip.

This package contains a 3.9 foot long 1A magnetic USB cable (The MCC1AL is compatible with OLIGHT S, M, and H series).

Quick and easy access to the power source can be achieved by attaching or fixing the L-Dock to a wall close to a power source.

A magnetic charging cable with a USB power source is convenient to use, making it one of the best illumination kits for use at home, out in the field, or while on duty.

Specs and Features

5. Best headlamp: NITECORE HC35 2700 Lumen USB Rechargeable 21700

The NITECORE HC35 is capable of 2700 lumen at a range of over 145 yards and can be angled freely on the headband mount.

A quick detach bracket allows the HC35 to be used as a flashlight or work light as well as a flashlight.

It also features a magnetic tail cap and pocket clip.

Convenient battery options – With the included high-performance, 21700 lithium-ion battery, it can accept 18650 batteries ( >8A) or even two CR123s or two RCR123s in a pinch.

The HC35 ‘s micro USB port makes it fast to charge so you are never out of juice.

There are two rechargeable batteries, a headlamp, headbands, wallet clips, a charging cable, and a LumenTac battery organizer included with this bundle.

Specs and Features

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