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Best Garden Carts in 2022 – Top Rated Carts

Gardening is a pleasant hobby and gives you a clean and pollution-free environment but took so much work along itself.

Especially when you’re going to clean the pebbles, leaves, or any other stuff to keep up its beauty.

It doesn’t take a while until you have a cart that helps you to carry lots of garbage at once.

The market has many garden carts with many features so you may face some research problems to find a great cart.

But don’t get confused, since we are here to research the best garden carts.

Let’s Check our recommended 5 best Garden Carts for your day to day tasks:

Top 5 Best Garden Carts in 2022

  1. Gorilla Cart GOR6PS
  2. Sandusky Lee CW3418
  3. Gorilla Cart GOR1001
  4. Polar Trailer #8449
  5. Landworks All Purpose 48V

Here are detailed specifications of each products.

1. Gorilla Cart GOR6PS – Best heavy duty garden cart

This model by Gorilla Carts makes 1st place in our priority list because of its heavy work-ability since this newly designed 54 pounds garden cart pulls up to 1200 pounds at once.

2 in 1 feature make this thing into an easy convertible cart, so you can tow with a lawn tractor or pull with your hands.

To make your job more comfortable than before, Easy to maintain poly bed helps you to roll effortlessly in heavy conditions.

Best Garden Carts in 2022 - Top Rated Carts 1

13-inch rubber wheels make the job easier while working on a hillside.

1-year warranty Provided by Gorilla carts for extra safety.

Dumping so much weight is not easy, so there is an extra patented quick-release dump feature for more ease.


  • Assembly is simple
  • Perfect for heavy tasks
  • 2 in 1 convertible handle
  • Sturdy and very well built.
  • Decent lawn cart for the price


  • Some issues with customer support
  • Welds don’t look great at all

2. Sandusky Lee CW3418 Best garden cart under 200

Sandusky Lee is here with CW3418, Another helping cart for low budget range buyers with muscular power.

This utility steel cart required little assembly but the tools are not included to change its positions according to your needs.

This thing can easily handle 400 lbs at once.

A Comfortable D-style handle with a solid grip & 5″ x 13″ pneumatic tires makes your walk easier even if you carry so much weight along with it.

Best Garden Carts in 2022 - Top Rated Carts 2

Sides can be easily removed for loading and unloading the goods to save your time and strength.

So all these specifications we will definitely recommend this cart to those who have less than 200 bucks and want to buy a cart for heavy tasks.


  • Lightweight (40 pounds)
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Cheap price
  • Easy loading and unloading ability


  • Smell coming from the box/tires until you used this cart for a couple of days
  • Assembly required but not much

3. Gorilla Cart GOR1001 – Best heavy Duty Utility Cart

Another Gorilla Cart?

This utility cart comes with a strong steel build.

2 in 1 convertible handle for more comfortably even if you pulled heavyweight rocks in it, it also can pull 1000 lbs at once.

The engineered design of this cart can reduce the assembly time and let you quickly connect each and every part in very little time.

Best Garden Carts in 2022 - Top Rated Carts 3

Removable sides of the steel bed make your job easier while loading and unloading the goods.

13-inch pneumatic tires and a new frame design improved your maneuverability and rigidity.

1 year limited warranty offered by the company for more safety.

The perfect height of 44.1 inches and 61.3 lbs weight makes this cart a perfect fit for homeowners and professional gardeners or heavy workers. 


  • Easy towing handle
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Heavyweight ability
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some customers are facing little rusting issues
  • Bend issue with the steel of sides 
  • A thin sheet of plastic used to make the bottom 

4. Polar Trailer #8449  Best hauling cart

The last choice is only for homeowners & lightweight workers.

Although this cart is recommended by the company for any heavy-duty also, our suggestion is to only use this as a lightweight cart.

7 cubic feet High Impact Polyethylene Tub gives you a lots of space to carry more garbage.

Best Garden Carts in 2022 - Top Rated Carts 4

400 lbs load capacity claimed by the polar trailer.

The steel frame provides a strong built to handle a tough situation.

Easy to assemble feature is also included as it is claimed by the company although we have seen many buyers, that they have issues assembling it.

Two rugged rubber tires and ball bearings to make your task easier even if you are on a difficult surface.

36 lbs of total weight make this cart a lightweight decision for the homeowners.


  • Easy to use
  • Light wheelbarrow
  • Product feel is very solid
  • Maneuvering is on point


  • Little bit overpriced
  • The handle could be a little higher (for taller person)
  • Most of the parts weren’t labeled(manual is ridiculously useless)

5. Landworks All-Purpose 48V – Best electric cart

Time to add a rare piece of a cart for all of those, who want more ease in their work.

No doubt electric cart makes you feel more comfortable than other carts since it has some extra features that you might haven’t noticed in budget-friendly carts.

So Landworks provides our next 48V garden cart with some awesome capabilities.

Best Garden Carts in 2022 - Top Rated Carts 5

The battery system has (4) 12v 7AH rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries to the electrical system.

AGM(Absorbent Glass Matted) technology provides fast charge time, high output, and low vibration resistance to its sandwich design.

The Benefit of using an electrical cart is that it will not damage your house environment with smog and noise. Easy to start button and speed control is in your hand now.

The forward speed is 5 km and reverse speed is 3.5 km.

Maximum Loading capacity is limited at 500lbs.

13-inch pneumatic wheels for working in both heavy and easy conditions.

Recommended for every premium user to make your work more hassle-free.


  • Easy button to start
  • Speed controller
  • Fast charge time
  • Battery indicator lights
  • Easy loading and unloading


  • Heavy work may cause more battery drain
  • No breaks
  • Not well for slopes