Top 5 Best lawn mowers under $350 – Buyers Guide

To be honest, $350 is an ideal price for choosing the right mower for almost every size of the lawn with lots of specifications and stay with us and find out your winning mower in this guide.

5 Best Lawn Mowers under 350 (2021 Review)

  1. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower
  2. Yard Machines 132cc 20-Inch Push Gas Lawn Mower
  3. WORX WG744 40V Power Share 4.0 Ah 17″ Lawn Mower
  4. CRAFTSMAN 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower 
  5. Greenworks 21-Inch 40V Best Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

1. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Quality and worthy reviews matter, while searching for a great mower and Greenworks has a lot, so that’s why we gave so much importance to the Greenworks products in many of our articles. 

In this article, we are reviewing a 16-inch and 40V cordless lawn mower by Greenworks.

Main features :

  • First of all let’s talk about his power system, 4AH 40v battery system that provides up to 45 min of runtime that’s the reason it is the best mower for ½ acre.
  • A combination of 5 height adjustment levels of 16-inch cutting deck with smart cut technology is a perfect fit to provide a smooth mowing with less noise and more power.
  • Rear bag provides mulching and bagging capability to store 400m2 on a single charge.


  • Lightweight and maneuverable.
  • Push button to start
  • 2 in 1 bagging feature
  • 5 height levels for almost every type of grass


  • Not recommended for large yards like a football ground or park etc.
  • Not self-propelled

2. Yard Machines 132cc 20-Inch Push Gas Lawn Mower

It’s our responsibility to add almost every different type of lawnmower since every user has a different choice and budget, so we have added a 20 inch 132cc best push gas lawnmower.

Main Features:

  • 3 cutting height positions are available to cut down the grass according to your ideal position.
  • 7-inch front and rear wheels help you in many different ways like best maneuverability and more comfortable control while mowing.
  • A big cutting deck of 20 inches with a side discharge chute to do your mowing even faster than many other mowers.
  • If you have any problem with this mower then you don’t need to worry also since the company provides a 1-year warranty for this mower.


  • Less in price and more in features
  • Too much light in weight
  • Perfect for small to medium yard
  • OHV engine for smooth performance
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • More power than the 2017 model


  • No mulcher since it’s inexpensive
  • You cannot attach a bag
  • Not recommended for a big yard

3. WORX WG744 40V Power Share 4.0 Ah 17″ Lawn Mower

We will suggest Worx wg744 in terms of more power and less price. 4.3 out of 5 ratings makes this mower a worthy purchase according to most of the buyers. On the other hand, you don’t need to buy extra batteries while purchasing other products by Worx, because they are using the same batteries on almost all electronic products.

Without wasting any time let’s talk about the best electric lawn mower with some extra features.

Main Features:

  • Worx provides many different features like a 40v power battery system with 2 batteries including a dual-port charger to charge them at the same time.
  • You can easily cut up to ⅛ acre with a single charge.
  • Smart cutting edge technology to provide additional torque on demand and the ability to conserve the battery charging.
  • 17-inch perfect height comes up with 6 adjustment levels to deliver the perfect hand grip position according to your ideal height.
  • Last but not least 2 in 1 topnotch design available with a bag and a rear discharge capability.


  • Quite and less noisy
  • No gas no facemask needed
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight and effective
  • Easy to set up


  • Took some time with tall grass
  • Blades are not very sharp
  • Not able to work on wet grass

4. CRAFTSMAN 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

Another affordable high-quality mower is looking for budget-friendly users. Those who need the best gas lawn mower in a lower price range with extra features, we will definitely recommend this Craftsman M105 model to fulfill your needs. Maintaining a score of 4.3 out of 5 ratings with 200+ reviews provides a positive signal about the overall quality of this mower. This mower is recommended for small to medium size lawns. 

Main Features:

  • This gas-powered lawnmower comes with a 140cc powerful engine to tackle the heavy tasks in your garden.
  • The engine comes with a pull to start feature with a recoil and auto choke.
  • It also can fold for more storage in your garage.
  • 3 more features are added about side and rear discharge plus a mulching feature with a bag.
  • 21-inch cutting deck with 6 height adjustment levels are available for more work in less time.


  • Auto choke
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • Sharp cutting blade
  • Lightweight to handle
  • Easy maneuvering


  • Hard to push in wet grass
  • Little experience needed to assemble
  • Doesn’t have a handle grip
  • Needs 2-3 pulls to start it for the first time.

5. Greenworks 21-Inch 40V Best Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

Now it’s time for something premium. Another Greenworks product is here with more features and benefits. Yes, I am talking about the 21 inches and 40v Best Self Propelled Lawn mower. While looking into reviews, 4.1 rating is something that you can’t ignore while searching for the best lawn mower. Without further ado let’s jump into the feature section.

Main Features:

  • Instant push button to start your mower without getting into the reel or any other hassle.
  • A 21inch steel deck is fitted to provide a wide range of cutting while mowing your lawn.
  • Dual storage for 40v lithium-ion batteries to provide an extra runtime of mowing without getting back to the charger.
  • 7 height adjustment levels are available for more comfortable control.
  • And now the most shining feature, bagging, mulching & side discharge are 3 in 1 discharging capabilities are provided by Greenworks.
  • To make your mower more optimized for your garage, there is a feature called vertical storage that gives you the capability to fold your mower’s handles.


  • Brushless and Self propelled
  • Less in noise and more in work
  • Easy to mow even for older people
  • Instant start with push button
  • Ideal for every size of lawn
  • Extra battery storage
  • Compatible with G-MAX 40V family


  • Some bad reviews about battery timing
  • No more cons.

We have reviewed the best of the best lawn mowers under 350, according to our own fundamentals now it’s your turn to choose the right mower according to your needs and budget. That’s it for today. If we missed something in this guide, let us know in the comment section. Thanks for your time to read this guide.

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