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Best Tactical Flashlights over 2000 Lumens for 2023


Tactical flashlights are great helpers in certain situations where mobile lights don’t usually help that much.

A flashlight with over 2000 lumens should be enough to brighten up most dark environments as the lumens are high and can be used as self-defense as well.

Here is a list of tactical flashlights over 2000 lumens in my opinion

List of Tactical Flashlights over 2000 Lumens

  1. Sofirn BLF SP36
  2. ThruNite TC20 Tactical Flashlight
  3. ACEBeam K70 CREE XHP35 Hi LED Flashlight
  4. ThruNite TN42 – NW

1. Sofirn BLF SP36 Rechargeable Flashlight

This Sorfin BLF SP36 tactical flashlight in my opinion.

The design is greatly made from Aluminium.

This flashlight provides the value of having a water-resistant rating of IP-7 which makes it great for water-resistant.

It provides an output of 5650 Lumen and is very bright and it can reach up to a distance of 352 meters.

This flashlight requires 3×18650 batteries.

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Charging this flashlight requires a 5V USB-C to USB rechargeable port.

Note: There is also another version from Sorfin that’s comfortable for pocket Sofirn SP33 V3 is also a great flashlight and features 3500 lumens.

Features List:



2. ThruNite TC20

This is also a great flashlight from ThruNite.

ThruNite TC20 provides a quality design made from Aluminium.

It’s small and measures as close to 5 inches making it very compact and lightweight yet produces 3800 lumens output.

The flashlight has also an adjustable light mode which ranges from 0.5 to 3800 lumens.

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For batteries, this flashlight requires a 1*26650 battery that could be found easily.

Also for the charging port this flashlight has a built-in USB 2A charging port.

For IP certification it is not mentioned how many ratings it has but they claim it to be water-resistant.

Features List:



3. ACEBeam K70

Acebeam is also a great Flashlight provider and Acebeam K70 is a great product.

With 2600 Lumens at max this flashlight easily makes the brightest beam.

The design is good and sturdy.

The body is made from Aluminium and has an IP rating of IP-8 and as well as is impact resistant up to 1.2 meters.

This flashlight requires 4*18650 batteries which should be sufficient enough for long usage under fair use.

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There are certain things about it that I don’t like is that this is not a rechargeable flashlight that means the batteries should be replaced or a separate battery charger must be used.

Also, it is quite expensive as compared to other models available but is a good quality flashlight.

At max output which is 2600 lumens, it should last 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the cell quality as well. Overall it’s a great flashlight.

Note: (Battery not included)

Features list:



4. ThruNite TN42

This is another great product from ThruNite.

ThruNite TN42 has a great compact design made from Aluminium.

The output of this flashlight is 2000 lumens at max and should be enough for high requirement use.

The beam can reach up to the distance of 1550 meters due to CREE XHP35 HI LEDs.

This flashlight requires four 18650 batteries ( not included in the box ) and has DC 5.5mm charging port for recharging.

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Also, this features 6 modes from Strobe, Turbo, High, Medium, Low to Firefly.

And additionally, this flashlight has an IPX-8 rating for water-resistant up to 2 meters.

Features List:



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