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Best Throw Flashlight Under $100 for 2023


If you want to purchase a flashlight for long-distance, a budget of under $100 is quite competitive.

High-lumen flashlights with a long-range can be hard to find that provide value and power.

So, with our extensive research and analysis, we have discovered some of the best throw lights so that you will get the information you need in one guide. Our list of the best throw lights under $100 will make it easier for you to find the best one.

List of 5 Best Throw Flashlights Under $100

  1. Bright Rechargeable Searchlight handheld Tactical Flashlight
  2. CSNDICE Flashlights High Lumens, Rechargeable Spotlight High-35W 
  3. Streamlight 88704 Super TAC IR Long Range Infrared Active Illuminator
  4. ACEBEAM L17 Green 2000 Lumens 820m Long Range Throw Hunting Flashlight 
  5. Nitecore MH12 1000 Lumens CREE LED long throw tactical flashlight

1. Bright Rechargeable Searchlight handheld Tactical Flashlight

This 4.3 volts 18650 battery-powered rechargeable spotlight is made with a high capacity and long-lasting 9600 mAh battery, which enables it to last 50% longer than any last generation flashlights.

Smart multiple protection (overcharge/over-discharge protection) keeps it safe and steady. With a capacity of 9000mAh, you can load your mobile devices with energy in no time.

It is very affordable, good quality, rugged, hard-wearing as well as high-quality.

No worries about rainy days while hiking, camping, sailing, or hunting; this is IPX6 waterproof.

The lightweight 0.618 gram enables you to carry for an extended period without getting tired. Also, it includes the newest Circuit Chip with a low defect rate of just 2%.

Quick Specs and Features

2. CSNDICE Flashlights High Lumens

This spotlight is a CREE LED,6000 lumen, which gives you the option of two lighting levels.

Furthermore, an Ultra-long illumination range of up to 800 meters makes it an ideal long-range flashlight, a perfect long-range rechargeable spotlight.

The flashlight is constructed of high-intensity engineering ABS plastic material, it has a waterproof IPX4 rating, which protects it from splashing water from any angle.

Further, it is dustproof and shockproof. It has a built-in 9000mAh battery which has a long outdoor working time of 10-20 hours.

A “smart multiple protection” function protects against overcharging and over-discharging, so you can use it as a mobile charger for your smart devices.

Perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, walking dogs, and any lighting application, this work light has a comfortable handle and a strap with an adjustable buckle that will fit most users.

Quick Specs and Features

3. Streamlight 88704 Super TAC IR Long Range Infrared Active Illuminator

The IR Super Tac is a CR123A Lithium battery-powered, hand-portable illuminator with outstanding performance and battery life.

One-handed operation is possible with the push-button momentary or constant “on” tail cap switch, which uses the latest technology in high-powered infrared LED illumination.

Made from aircraft aluminum with an anodized finish, the case is 6000 series machined with optimum peripheral illumination that allows for long-distance targeting.

The light source is a High Power IR LED of 850 nm, shockproof, with a lifespan of 20,000 hours.

Battery life is extended by providing regulated intensity with optimized electronics.

This model is compatible with Streamlight 69100 rail mount, not included, and has a runtime of up to 3.5 hours at 10% output. Also fits the Streamlight 75910 Holster, not included.

Quick Specs and Features

4. ACEBEAM L17 Green Flashlight 

OSRAM Green LED Technology is used in light sources that provide extreme brightness in a small size.

The brightness can reach up to 2000 lumens; the beam throw can reach 820m; the battery life is 58 hours.

Carry it every day with ease since it’s compact and lightweight.

It fits into your pocket easily. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB charging port integrated into the design. Charging port on a flashlight to prevent defects in the flashlight, which may arise during charging.

You can charge it with any USB power supply anytime you would like. the battery status indicator will clearly show the charging status.

There are five brightness settings for ACEBEAM L17 Green LED Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight. These range from 15 Lumens to 1400 Lumens.

The portable lighting unit will be used for various purposes like daily lighting, outdoor fishing, and hunting, repairing, travel, camping, etc.

Quick Specs and Features

5. Nitecore MH12 tactical flashlight

This 1000lumen high-power nitecore flashlight is equipped with an integrated “Precision Digital Optics” design that provides extreme reflector performance.

With a peak intensity of 13,500 cd and a throw distance of 232 meters, the super-efficient LED light has a max run time of 520 hours.

The mode switch allows for four brightness levels and three special modes.

With its power indicator light, the device demonstrates the remaining battery power (patented).

Its secondary function displays the battery voltage (accurate to 0.1V). With an onboard micro USB port, it charges Li-ion batteries rapidly.

Featuring an intelligent memory feature (except in SOS and beacon modes). Its high-efficiency regulator circuit provides an unwavering output.

Construction of high-quality aero grade aluminum alloy, hard-anodized in HAIII military grade.

A tail stand is available with IPX8 water-resistant standards (2 m submersible) and 1.5 m impact resistance. A reverse polarity protection circuit prevents batteries from being damaged from being inserted incorrectly.

Quick Specs and Features


So we are hoping this guide will help you decide on your desired throw light under 100. We have included all the features and specifications before so you don’t have to search further. Other than that, if you are still unclear, just keep in mind your distance requirements, along with your ideal budget, and read the guide again.

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