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Best Watering Wands for 2022

Watering Wand is a very helpful tool for watering plants, hanging plants in a pot, and many more with ease and without creating a mess because carrying a can of water can be annoying sometimes if you have to water higher plants to water or huge area to cover.

This is where Watering Want comes in help and makes your daily life easy.

In this article, we have chosen 5 Best watering wands from the whole list of many different products so you can easily choose the best.

List of Best Watering Wands 2022

  • GREEN MOUNT 24 Inch Watering Wand (Only 1 Watering Pattern)
  • GREEN MOUNT 16 Inch Watering Wand (8 Watering Patterns)
  • Orbit 58995 Pro Flo 7-Pattern 14” Watering Wand with Thumb Control
  • Orbit 56076 Front Trigger 10 Pattern Turret Wand, 14″
  • Orbit 56054 9 Pattern Telescoping Turret Wand with Thumb

Here are detailed specification of each products.

1. GREEN MOUNT 24 Inches Sprayer Wand:

This 24 Inch Aluminum made Watering Wand is an excellent tool to help you with watering plants, plants in hanging baskets, shrubs, and many more.

The showerhead has 661 holes that are excellent for delicate seedbeds or flowerbeds or any process that requires delicate handling.

Also, there is a holding clip at the bottom so you don’t have to continuously hold the handle for the longer watering duration, this saves you from sprain and hard labor.

It’s lightweight and durable at the same time.

This Watering Wand has a Shower Spray that you can adjust from strong downpour to mist with a Flow Control knob.

Overall with great design and good features, this is worth it!


  • 661 Holes in the Showerhead, ideal for delicate watering.
  • Length Size: 24 inch
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Light Weight
  • Handle hold and open clip attached.
  • Flow Control Knob (From fine mist to Strong downpour).


  • No Jet spray but they have a 16-inch model which provides 8 Adjustable watering patterns.
  • Only 1 Watering Pattern.

2. GREEN MOUNT 16 Inch Watering Wand (8 Watering Patterns):

This is another great product from Green Mount for watering plants.

The design is comfortable to use and is also lightweight yet strong because of Aluminium material used.

This Green Mount Watering wand provides 8 Adjustable spraying patterns that can be useful for various purposes.

The 8 patterns are Jet, Full, Soaker, Flat, Mist, Angled, Shower, and Cone.

This makes it an all-rounder garden hose sprayer.

This model also includes a hold-open clip to ensure an easy long time watering duration without much effort for the hands.


  • 16 Inch Length Size.
  • Aluminium Made.
  • 8 Different Watering Patterns.
  • Handle Hold and open clip.
  • Flow Control Knob.
  • Light-Weight.

3. Orbit 58995 Pro Flo 7-Pattern 14” Watering Wand with Thumb Control

This is another great watering wand having 7 multiple patterns that consist of cone, jet, mist, full, flat, center, and shower all in one.

This Wand features a thumb control that helps with hand fatigue and makes watering way easier because you won’t have to require to keep the pressure on the handle to water the plants like in other watering wands.

A dial at the end of the wand makes it easy to change the patterns to your needs accordingly.

This watering wand has a 14-inch length that makes it easy to reach hanging pot plants.

The rubber grip makes it easy to handle the wand.

Overall this is a great Watering Wand to have with great design and features.

Features List:

  • 14 Inch Length size.
  • 7 Different Watering Patterns.
  • Thumb Control Knob instead of handle knob.

4. Orbit 56076 Front Trigger 10 Pattern Turret Wand, 14″

This is also a great product from Orbit because of 10 multiple watering patterns this makes it great for multiple uses.

The 10 Multiple watering patterns are Flat, Jet, Angle, Shower, Vertical, 1/2 Vertical, Cone, Center, Full, and Mist Spray mode.

This 14 Inch watering wand has a trigger handle with a hold and open clips for easy watering without tiring your hands making it great for longer duration watering sessions.

The 14-inch size and ratcheting head make it easy to reach higher places for watering.

Overall this is a great multi-purpose watering wand and great to have for your yard and garden.

Features List:

  • 10 Multiple Watering patterns.
  • 14 Inch Length size.
  • Front Trigger Handle.
  • Hold and Open clip attached.

5. Orbit 56054 9 Pattern Telescoping Turret Wand with Thumb

Orbit 56054 model is also a great Metal made telescopic wand to have.

Due to variable length ranging from 19 Inch to 24 Inch making it easy to use for the long-range watering session.

The 9 different patterns which contain Mist spray, Flat, Flood, Shower, Angle, Fan, Cone, Center, and Jet makes it great for multiple uses from delicate watering session to strong watering sessions.

This model also includes a ratcheting head that makes it great to water those areas which are hard to reach.

The insulation grip offers a good grip and comfortable usage.

For water control, this model has a finger control knob and a soft-touch dial guard makes it easy to use.

Features List:

  • Metal Made.
  • Telescopic Pole(19 Inch to 24 Inch).
  • 9 Different Watering Patterns.
  • Ratcheting Head.
  • Flow Control Knob.
  • Touch Dial guard.

I hope you found this helpful. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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