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Klarus XT12GT – Full Review + Specs and Features for 2022


Klarus Intro:

A flashlight company called Klarus, established in 2011, Klarus is dedicated to creating new technologies and doing thousands of innovations in flashlights. Their products are developed for safety and quality, but designed for optimum utility. Quality and safety are the highest priorities at Klarus.

Klarus Xt12GT Review Summary:

Klarus Xt12GT flashlight is one of their top-notch products, it is compact, exceptionally bright, extendable beam reach, and conveniently rechargeable flashlight, ideal for Law Enforcement, Military, and others.

Two user settings are available at the programmable user interface; instant mode change, One-Touch Strobe, One-Touch Turbo, One-Touch Low, Mode Memory, and SOS.

A wide variety of lighting modes be customized to meet your needs.

Convenient Magnetic Charger and Battery Indicator: Self-locating base, magnetic attachment, sealed against water, dirt, sand.

AI Control:

A smart temperature control system keeps this LED and its internal components healthy and safe at the same time by properly monitoring internal temperatures and adjusting the brightness accordingly.

The Design:

Featuring an aluminum alloy body with a CNC machine; military-spec hard anodizing and lightweight. The rugged case is impact resistant up to 1 m and waterproof up to IPX8 standards.


The maximum output could reach 1600LM only when using KLARUS 18GT-36 3600mAh battery or the same battery from other brands. The use of a normal 18650 battery with PCB protection or 2 x CR123A batteries could result in an output of only 1300LM.







Karlus is one of the most famous flashlight manufacturers of the 20th century. Several years ago, they started providing quality flashlights.

A number of real buyers have given them great and recommended reviews. The Karlus XT12(GT) is a great innovation that has many advanced features and provides next-level specs for day-to-day and commercial users.

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