what is truf grass

What is Turf Grass?

Turf Grass is a layer of soil that has Naturally or Artificially grown grass or vegetation on it.

Turf grasses are usually grown on Turfs or Sods.

They are also grown in farms then it is manufactured and is used to make new Lawns by landscapers

Grasses are the primary plants used in Lawns and they also provide food for cattle to graze on.

what is turf

It is mostly used for decorative purposes on lawns and in Sports fields. Depending on the use and necessity Natural or Artificial grass is used as accordingly.

In Sports, they are used as playing surface in Hockey Stadium, Football, Soccer, and many other playing surfaces.

They are used to beautify the lawn and home yards. They are also useful for kids to play on and having to rest on the grass is very comforting.

There are two types of Turf Grasses:

  1. Naturally Grown Turf Grass
  2. Artificially Grown Turf Grass

1. Naturally Grown Turf Grass:

natural grown turf grass

This type of Turfgrass is very common and is easily grown and becomes like grass in the beautiful fields, Gardens and Parks.

It can be grown to high standards by using good soil, fertilizers, quality of grass seeds, watering and maintenance.

These grasses can easily be found in parks, roadsides, and many places because of how common it is due to its fast and easy growing abilities.


  • Naturally grown grass provides oxygen and a healthier environment.
  • They also help to reduce dust, air pollution, and cleaner breathing air by filtering and using carbon dioxide and releasing fresh oxygen into the environment.
  • It can also be used to control soil erosion in which the top and the most fertile soil which has multi nutritious rich materials gets bad. Grass also plays an important role here with their roots in the soil making the soil more resistant to erosion.
  • They also help in cooling the climate of those areas which have a hot environment.
  • Turf Grass can also help us in maintaining floods by absorbing excessive water because of there root system.
  • Believe it or not but Grass, lawn or garden environment also helps in reducing stress and anxiety and making a positive impact on your health.


With lots of advantages of Natural Turf Grass, some disadvantages are depending upon the use and the person.

  • Natural Grass needs good maintenance and can die if not maintained properly.
  • They can be hard to maintain and needs fertilizers and lots of water for it to grow properly.
  • They can cause allergies for some people.

Artificial Turf Grass:

aritficial turf grass

Artificial Turf Grass can be made with synthetic fibers, plastic or rubber to make it look exactly like real grass.

In the 1970s Artificial Turf Grass was mostly used in the U.S and Canada for football stadiums and many indoor and outdoor use.

Since then there have been lots of improvements in Artificial Grass as older generations were causing problems and becoming expensive to maintain.

But as technology progresses so does quality.

Nowadays they are used in home Lawns because they require low maintenance, no cutting and are tough enough for heavy uses such as playing sports on it.


  • Artificial Grass doesn’t require sunlight, water, mowing, air and remain green without the needs of these that Natural Grass requires.
  • It saves water consumption because grass can need lots of water.
  • No pesticides, weed problems that save a ton of labor work and costs making it less expensive than the maintenance of real grass and making it easy for elders who can’t maintain lawn due to their age and weakness.
  • This grass is strong enough to withstand playing environments saving the costs of play-fields grass because of their durability.
  • It can be used for decorative purposes in environments where no greenery is present such as cold areas and it is hard to grow to make the place look beautiful.
  • It can be recycled easily making it environmentally friendly.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor sports activities and can be used inside Airports and many other places because of their no need for water and they don’t attract many bugs.
  • They are very much non allergic.


  • Some Older generation and low-cost Artificial grass turf can cause friction with the skin.
  • Depending upon the Artificial grass materials and quality they could absorb and holds more heats than natural grass.
  • They can become smelly if not maintained properly with the right instructions.

Final words,

Both are Natural and Artificial Turfgrass has there own advantages and disadvantages but carefully and smartly choosing on where to use Natural and Artificial Turf and using the highest quality products can make your life very easy and saves yours from stress and costs.


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